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Hippo Mail Is Here To Provide You with a Professional Email Service

With the help of the Hippo Mail’s hosted email solution, you can deliver excellent functionality services at a great price. Now you will no longer have to maintain an in-house email solution. This email solution also includes the latest security and antivirus anti-spam technologies. Hippo Mail’s Microsoft Exchange option is an even better way to share emails, contacts and calendars on the move.

Email marketing is an excellent tool with the help of which you can build relationships with your current client’s asides from attracting new leads. This is because it's personalized, instant as well as directly linked to your website. It also positions your business as the expert. With the help of Hippo mail you can send welcome letters, newsletters, company updates and even trigger emails.

With the help of our email builder, you can design beautiful email campaigns easy. You will only have to select from the numerous styles and drag them to where you want them in your email. Add articles and images and with a few clicks of the mouse. You can also add placeholders to personalize each email.

Hippo Mail is a completely innovative and unique bulk email sender you can easily send mass emails faster. You can send unlimited emails with unlimited number of recipients.

The email marketers use bulk sending as a method of constant communication. With The Free Bulk Emails Software, you can spread information about your products or services to a large audience in a short period of time.

One other feature of Hippo Mail is that it is a professional, mass emailing high-performance, software program for your email marketing campaigns.

Below we have provided you with some features that you should look for in the email marketing software:

It should focus on email body: The main success behind any e-mail advertising program is the way in which our actually draft your email. This can be taken care of by bulk email software that that features lots of templates to select from.

It should be able to provide you with flexible organization of contacts list: With the help of the Free Bulk Emails Software you should be able to import contacts through excel, CSV files asides from importing them through many other email services.

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